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Instructional Designer & Learning Experience Designer

Lindsey Diebolt, CPTD

Educator/Trainer with 10+ years of leading professionals and designing, developing, and presenting, evaluating, and documenting instruction to diverse secondary/post-secondary-level learners to achieve strategic organizational goals.

Lindsey Diebolt, CPTD Portfolio

How to Discuss a Performance Issue With an Employee

I created this short computer based training after conducting a needs assessment with management in my current organization.  It showed that some managers lacked certain softs skills such as having discussions with their employees regarding performance issues.  This training was created in Articulate Storyline with the needs of these managers in mind.

Department Orientation Checklist Call Center Scripts

As the leader of the project to move the department orientation process from ePerformance/Halogen to Workday, I was responsible for all aspects of moving the process into a new application.  This included, working identifying all potential applications that could house the process, determining between two which would be the best choice, working with a focus group of managers to obtain their feedback, working with Workday analysts to have the process built, testing, acting as SME to collaborate on educational/training materials, working with the communications team to communicate the changes to the department orientation process to managers and leaders, and ensuring that the call center has all relevant information to assist managers as they have questions regarding the changes made to the process.  These scripts were created to assist our call center in answering manager and coworker questions regarding the completion of the department orientation checklist in Workday.




Email  Configuration Training

Baker hill

I was asked to create a training module for the banking software company, Baker Hill.  They asked me to create a training module that outlined the process of configuring the various email types within their NextGen banking software.  I created a slide deck that could easily be modified for in-person training or for an e-learning format as most training is online at this point as they are gradually moving to more in-person training sessions.  The training is meant to train the trainer, as well as to be used to train banking professionals. 

NextGen Email Configuration Training Guide

Baker Hill 

I created a training guide to go along with the slide deck training for Baker Hill.  The training guide is a document that participants can take back to the office that will assist them with configuring their emails once they have returned to their workplace.

IngenioRX Onboarding Training

IngenioRX Onboarding Training

I created a brief introductory training for IngenioRX about pharmacy benefits managers (PBMs) and how they can impact the pharmacy benefits environment.  This training is meant to introduce new employees to PBMs and would be a part of the onboarding process.  I designed this training in Articulate Rise to be interactive and to suit virtual, e-learning training environments.  

Applying for your Next Job Tutorial

Articulate Storyline Certificate

As part of the certificate program for Articulate Storyline that I completed through the Association for Talent Development, I created a training tutorial for applying for a new job.  During the certificate program, I learned how to insert videos, images, import PowerPoint slides, use the layers feature to add visual interest, use the various triggers to add a gamification element to the training, and include elements of assessment.

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